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The Changing Face Of Retail: What Does The Future Hold For Social Commerce?

Social Commerce

How important is social media when it comes to increasing traffic to retail sites?

The explosion of digital media has changed the way consumers shop and this has given rise to social commerce, or more commonly known as social shopping!
Today’s consumers check out what’s hot and what’s new with just a couple of keystrokes. They read other people’s comments online using their smart phones or tablets or PCs and do some research before buying a product. They utilise social media to compare notes with other customers. They look for the lowest prices and other freebies online like free delivery, or send an item free of charge if the item doesn’t meet their expectations.

Online shoppers have become demanding and e-retailers are trying their best to keep up! They want to deliver a high level of customer service online and in-store to satisfy consumers. And they want to beef up their sites and social media accounts to meet the demands of their customers and their thirst for more information before purchasing an item.

What the surveys show:

According to the Adobe Digital Index report (Q4 2013 Social Media Intelligence Report), Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Pinterest drove an unprecedented amount of significant traffic to retail sites in the fourth quarter of 2013 with revenue per visit (RPV) increasing across social channels.

A Deloitte study showed that digital devices has had a huge influence on in-store purchase behavior and is growing much faster than anyone could have anticipated. The research further stated that today, digital technologies influence 36 percent or $1.1 trillion of in-store retail sales, and this number will likely increase to 50 percent of in-store sales by the end of 2014. The Deloitte study also mentioned that 75 percent of respondents said product information found on social channels influenced their shopping behaviour and enhanced loyalty.

in store sales influence

A new report from Experian Marketing Services stated that in March social media sites accounted for 7.72 percent of traffic to retail websites, up from about 6.6 percent the previous year.

A infographic on the Importance of Social Media E-commerce showed that 74 percent of consumers rely on social media to guide their purchases. It also further mentioned that in 2013, 75 percent of social generated e-commerce sales came from Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

To enhance the online customers’ social commerce or social shopping experience, retailers are now continuously looking for ways to create a great end-to-end experience mainly in customer service, fulfillment and loyalty.

Below are some tips for e-retailers on how to provide a superior online shopping experience:

1. Make sure the images of products you post on your website and social media accounts are trendy and available. Make it “enticing” to catch the online shopper’s eye.

2. Provide superior customer service! Make your customers’ online shopping convenient, and make the purchase or return easy for them to make.

3. Answer customers’ queries promptly and engage with them online! If an online shopper has a question about a product or has made a comment about an item, make sure you answer him or her as soon as possible.

4. Always provide updated information about your products! So update your site and social media accounts constantly.

5. The modern-day shopper is well informed and armed with technology and they can compare prices easily. So make sure you price your products with the best deals you can offer!

6. Make sure your stores deliver what you’ve been marketing online to keep online consumers coming back for more.

Online consumers’ expectations worldwide are changing. Can your business keep up? You need to be on social media daily to engage with your clients, get to know them and show them you can answer whatever questions they have about your products in real time!

Social media is now an integral part of every successful marketing campaign. If you need assistance anywhere throughout Australia and further afield, from advice through to outsourced implementation including content marketing, SEO tuning, blog development as well as specialist social media compliance and security software, call Your Social Village now!

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